Leonard Shanklin, Sr. is a devoted husband to Linda Shanklin, father, grandfather, and educator. He is the CEO of FAB Enterprise, LLC a company based in Springfield, Illinois, which includes FAB Educational Consulting, Hedge of Thorn Attire (HOTA), and FAB book publication. Leonard has always wanted to inspire youth and he and his team are committed to raising academic achievement, expanding career opportunities, and increasing social development and leadership abilities. He has spent much of his life mentoring young people, insisting that, above all, they educate themselves, discover their potential, and continue their education.


The Shanklin’s mentoring programs include How to Develop Young Leaders and Ladies Giving, a mentoring program designed to join National Basketball Association (NBA) moms and female athletes that have a desire to achieve at an optimum level. Leonard obtained his Master of Education degree from Eastern Illinois University and served the public housing commission and the Illinois Department of Human Services for more than thirty years. He has also worked in School District 186 serving students as a dedicated educator.


A principled parent and educator, Leonard models integrity, reliability, and punctuality and believes in keeping his promises, just as so many teachers have done for him. Although he did not compete past high school, He enjoys playing and coaching basketball. In his spare time, he attends high school, college and professional-level basketball games to relax and expend nervous energy.