FAB Enterprises is proud to partner with school districts across the country, offering summer reading kits and In & Out of School Curriculum and Activity Guides for educators and students. 


Mikey P. Pardee: Seasoned is the perfect way to send young learners home for winter, spring, or summer breaks. Full of social-emotional references, collaborative learning opportunities, and culturally-responsive, full-color illustrations, this book is an excellent way to showcase literary diversity while addressing learning gaps and elementary learning standards.


MPP: Seasoned discusses the four, unique seasons and illustrates a child's delightful enjoyment of outdoor play and exploration. 


Receive a mini-curriculum guide with the purchase of at least 100 books. Receive a complete curriculum and activity guide with the purchase of at least 500 books.


Interested in having a guest reader visit your school or district? Contact us today as we encourage readers of all ages to embrace each season and the loved ones we hold dear–while they are here.

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